WEB – Sites & E-commerce

WEB Basic

Attractive, simple web site offering basic information about products, services, events or persons.

Price starting at 250,- €

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WEB Standard

Professional, extensive site with a large number of design alternatives and effects. Ideal for companies and brands.

Price starting at 550,- €

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WEB Tailor-made

Site or a portal designed specifically according to the needs of the client with unique functionality and design.

Price starting at 550,- €

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E-shop - E-commerce - Internet Store

Internet stores base their extent and functionality on the specific needs of the customer, therefore they are always tailor-made. Natural parts of the e-shop designs are product categories, product details with photo galleries, online cash register and payment systems.

Price starting at 650,- €


A good website or an e-shop should not only reflect your wishes and needs, but your character as well. That is why it is so important to pick the design and functionality with care. These few steps should help you make the right decision about your new website.

1. Step

Choose the right package

  • Do I want to present simple information?
  • Do I want an extensive and segmented site?
  • Will I be satisfied with simple design?
  • Do I want to be in interactive contact with the site visitors?
  • Do I want to sell through my website?

Based on the answers to these questions you can decide between Web Basic, Standard, Tailor-made or e-shop, the internet store.

2. Step

Choosing your design and adjustments

  • Choose a design that best suits you
  • Should the design be adjustable for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets?
  • Do you want to make changes to colour themes of the design?
  • Should your new website have any extra functionality?

After successfully completing this step we can begin to work on your new website. While we do that, you will have enough time to focus on step no. 3.

3. Step

Website Content

  • Do I have all the texts for my new site ready?
  • Do I need help with text creation?
  • What will be the exact structure of my website?
  • What photographs and illustration do I want for my site?

Creating the content is no easy task. We will be happy to help you prepare the site structure and all necessary copywriting.

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